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The best tablet repair service in South Florida.

MBS Electronic offer the most reliable tablet repair service in the South Florida areas. Bring in your broken or defective tablet and we will take care of it. We can repair cracked screens, buttons, built in cameras, charging ports, speakers, headphone jacks, and more. We handle water damaged devices, install new batteries and can even install a screen protector to keep your device safe from future damage.

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Our technicians will test and accurately diagnose these issues, making sure to replace only the parts that are causing the problem. We won’t make you pay for something you don’t need! Then, once the repairs are made, they’ll test your device again to make sure it’s working properly before you leave the store.

We can work with any tablet brand and issue:


Samsung, asus, amazon, apple, dell, htc, acer, lenovo, mitraveler, HP, LG and more

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Screen Replacement

Is your tablet device screen scratched, cracked, or shattered? Bring it to us and we can replace it.

Fix Broken Buttons

Are the buttons not working or sticking on your tablet? It may need to be cleaned professionally, and/or parts may need replacing such as the rubber keypad. We can do both.

Battery Replacement

Is your tablet having problems keeping a charge all day? It might need a new battery. We can replace and install it.

Bad Speakers or Headset Jack

Are the speakers or headset Jack not working properly on your tablet? It’s possible that the contacts on the speakers or headset jack are loose or corroded. We can repair and replace them, and diagnose and fix other cell phone Audio problems.

Charging Port Replacement

Are you having problems charging your tablet? It might need a new charging port. We can install it.

Water Damage

Has water entered your tablet? Water can corrode internal components over time if you don’t have it removed properly.

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