Repair Service

Repair Service

                      MBS ELECTRONIC INC is reliant on skilled and experienced electronic technicians to ensure that every electronic repair service is thoroughly, rapidly and cost-effectively. We also offer a wide range of services like electronic repair, installation and sales. Our team works directly with you to provide the best solution to repair your device at home, business, or in our repair shop. We can service all major brands and we only use parts supplied by the original manufacturer so you can be rest assured we would repair your equipment right the first time.

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Our Services:

 We specialize in repairing all types of electronic devices like TV, PC, Laptops, Tablets, Cellphone, Security Cameras, Audios and many more. MBS Electronic is not only limited to the repair service we open two online store to sale many electronics devices and replacement part for them. Also we can repair and replace electronics parts and majority of components like diode, resistor, capacitor, transistor, filter, coil, battery connectors, FPC Connectors (LCD display connector, touch screen connector, front camera connectors, back camera connectors, audio ports connectors. The complexity and sophistication of modern circuit board assemblies require highly skilled and experienced technicians, but our customers don’t have to worry about it because our technicians are the experts and certified. Their skills have been gained through years of hands-on experience. We use only the most quality materials and replacement parts to complete all our service.

TV Repair Services

We repair TV LCD, LED & Plasma. We work with all brands. The diagnostic and estimate are FREE in the shop in 24 hours. Low price guarantee, we match and go down the cost of any estimate that you had received before by the competency. We also provide home service, pickup and delivery. All works Guarantee for 90 Days.

Electronic Services

General Electronic Repair Services.

PC & Laptop Services

We repair PC, Laptops, IMac and MAC. Windows Fresh Installation. Installation and Setup. Computer Repair. Tune-Up and Backup. Hardware Modifications.

Cellphone & Tablet Services

We can repair cracked screens, buttons, built in cameras, charge ports, speakers, headphone jacks, and more. We handle water damaged devices, install new batteries and can even install a screen protector to keep your device safe from future damage.

Security Cameras CCTV

CCTV Cameras Installation and Setup. CCTV Cameras Sales and repair services

Replacement Parts & Components

We offer the best price for TV parts and components. We sell all TV replacement parts and electronics components.

Electronics Sales

We sell a wide variety of new, refurbished and used merchandise, including appliances, computer Hardware, software, consumer electronics, phones and accessories. The best prices locally.

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  • TV LCD, LED & Plasma Repair service (home, business or shop)
  • General Electronic Repair Services
  • PC & Laptop Repair service (home, business or shop)
  • PC & Laptop Installation
  • Software service for PC
  • Smart Phone and Table Repair Service (Any Brand)
  • CCTV Cameras Installation
  • CCTV Cameras Sales
  • Installation of HDTV Antenna (FREE Channels)
  • TV Wall Mount Installation
  • TV Parts and Components Sales (Online store)
  • Electronic Devices Sales (Online store)
  • LED Sign Repair Service (Full color, Tri-color, outdoor & indoor)
  • LED Sign Parts (Online store)


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